Our history
The first presentation of the product took place in Moscow, in a gastromarket of food in the Museum of Moscow.
We started creating healthy desserts in 2017. The company had 2 employees: the founder Svetlana Kovalevskaya and a confectioner.
The first cake created is a classic raw dessert based on cashews with blueberries, on a base of dates and pecans.
I have always been interested in the topic of healthy eating, and when I went on maternity leave with my second child, I faced the problem of the lack of sweets that did not contain: milk and sugar and white flour (they can cause allergies in a child when breastfeeding). Then I remembered that once in London I tried vegan Raw desserts made on the basis of cashew nuts. I started to study this topic and was so inspired that I decided to do something similar in Russia.
Svetlana Kovalevskaya
Our products are created according to the author's recipe.
Each dessert contains not only useful properties, but also our special approach to creating sweets.
Why choose us
Very tasty sweets
Healthy food for everyone
Favorite desserts without additives
Due to the high-quality and healthy composition, our sweets are perfect for the wide audience.
regular customers
confectionery products are supplied to partners daily
м² production area
20 000
2 000
10 000
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