Dessert "Tiramisu Vegan"

  • Net weight: 100g
  • Best before date: 5 days
  • Composition: spelled flour, corn flour, coconut drink (coconut pulp, drinking water), unrefined coconut oil, fresh apple puree, raw grated cashew kernels, drinking water, roasted ground coffee (arabica), direct-pressed orange juice, Jerusalem artichoke syrup (tubers Jerusalem artichoke, drinking water), date syrup (pitted dates, drinking water), refined deodorized sunflower oil, cocoa powder, corn starch, baking powder - sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), direct squeezed lemon juice, food pink salt, natural vanilla extract, emulsifier - lecithins (soy)

The nutritional value
Flour confectionery: Dessert "Tiramisu Vegan". TU 10.71.12-001-41838778-2020 Nutritional value per 100g of product (average values): proteins-5.4g; fats-17.6 g; carbohydrates-33.9. Energy value: 315.6 kcal / 1319.3 kJ. Store at temperature from +2 to +6 C and relative air humidity not more than 75%. Manufacturer: GREEN CAKE LLC, Russian Federation, 119331, Moscow, Vernadsky pr-t, 29, room 1, room 10. Production address: RF, 142701, Moscow region, Leninsky district, Vidnoye, industrial zone, 4th line, p.6